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I just had an email today from PRWeb – with my analytics for the release I did recently, promoting my latest novel "Hi, I'm Luna, I'm A Sex Addict". To be honest, I haven't much idea whether the impressions or reads they give are good or bad. That said, it had to be done.

To quote:

'According to our records, your release entitled "London Author Nic Penrake Takes Readers On A Dark, Erotic Journey in his Fast Paced Literary Thriller" went live on June 19, 2012. So far your release has received 10684 impressions and 604 reads.'

It's difficult to gauge how effective online PR works with something like a novel. Novels are notoriously difficult to market – unless you are already a name. They can't be said to fulfill a need, solve a problem, or feed a niche. They're either hot or they're not. So, if your publisher is small – as mine is – and has only very limited resources to promote your book, what do you do?

The press aren't interested, because they are swamped with requests from publishers with much glossier titles.

Bloggers tend to be blogging… but are possibly your best bet if you can get your approach right, and your timing right.

Facebook? Linkedin? Hm, maybe you get a tiny bump in sales that way.

Yahoo groups are worth a shot, especially if you write in a genre, although they are very crowded. Can't help feeling they are populated mainly by people pitching their book, not reading anyone else's, but that's just an impression, I have no data to prove that. I try to keep an open mind…

My guess is you're probably best off just blogging about and around your book's subject.

Blog till you drop 

I recently joined Empower Network. Founder Dave Sharp and Dave Wood are all about blogging. More specifically being committed to blogging and, of course, the products they have to sell you. Watching Dave Wood on a video last night I have to admit he got me a bit fired up, believing again that maybe consistent blogging can work. 

If you could use some extra juice to your blogging motor, get some inspiration from this guy Dave Wood. Well worth the watch.

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