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At 38, Luna's career as a painter takes a sudden dive. The credit crunch is still grinding on and her regular buyers are too busy guarding their second mortgages to invest in modern art. As her financial anxieties escalate, and she digs deeper for new, more 'commercial' ideas, she returns to the Pandora's Box of the past, the sexual and physical abuse she experienced as a child…

…until, one day, she chances upon an idea for a new series of paintings that seems to offer her not just a way out of debt, but a way in to the dark side of her sexuality where nagging questions still remain, demanding answers before she is too advanced in years to have a child of her own.

But at what cost? Her idea is a radical one and upsets her actor boyfriend. She goes for it nonetheless. And in pursuing her ambition, she throws herself into a sexual odyssey with a French swinging couple that brings her to the edge of losing control. Will her daring bear fruit, or end in a triptych of death and disaster?


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If you'd like the paperback version, you can find it here: Luna at Melange Books

To download the Kindle version of my latest novel, click on “Hi, I’m Luna, I’m A Sex Addict”. Not even an optin required! 

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